Boy mom.
Likes words.

She wrote her first book when she was 10 and cooked her first meal at 11.

Food and writing are her two greatest loves, next to feeding the ones she loves.

Katie attributes growing up in a home that praised the family meal, valued books and music and always had a chicken roasting in the oven, to shaping her interests today. So far, one out of her four sons shows a future in the kitchen… cooking, that is; they all eat plenty. She thinks she’ll write a book about it one day.

“If you want to find
out about someone,
share a meal.”

Katie Horst, Marketing Assistant

Katie is a marketing assistant at Inovāt. From research, writing, proofing and content generation, she does whatever is thrown her way (via paper airplane) with a dictionary and thesaurus at her side. She and her husband own and operate Attic Recording Studio in Harrisburg where she co-writes music when she’s not writing for Inovāt. She has been a guest speaker at local women’s events, taught creative writing classes and is a freelancing event chef. We like to call her “marketing mom”.

Some of Katie’s ideas

Ruth Riechl.
Badass. Food critic, novelist, food writer, entrepreneur and chef. She is my idol. She’s humble, funny, bold, sincere, adventurous and so so talented. I wish I could say that if I ever met her I’d know exactly what to say, but I probably would just dribble on my shirt.

On inspiration.
I’m really lucky to have four children who inspire me every day. Sometimes they inspire a nap or an early glass of wine. But most of the time, I’m reminded that childlike curiosity is a gift. When was the last time you did a cartwheel or laid in the grass and stared at the clouds? Try it. I promise you’ll be inspired.

Less is more.
That’s true in the kitchen and in writing. A fancy meal doesn't mean a good meal and a lot of words doesn’t mean a good piece of literature. What matters are really just two things: quality and sincerity. Keep it simple; keep it sincere. Those are the experiences people are looking for.