Looks good
in plaid.
Cool dad.

His parents always challenged him to think on his own and work things out...

which is what drives him to do what he loves today. Work isn’t work to him, it’s a passion.

When he was young, he threw himself into what he loved - learning. When he wasn’t studying, he was apprenticing in his dad’s woodshop and developed a passion for building things and solving the unsolvable. He definitely solved the mystery of love because he is happily married to a beautiful woman and they have two sons. But, Nick’s a simple guy who just wishes for a quiet place to nap after a long, hard day.

“The best reward is
overcoming our
clients challenges”

Nick Weaver, Operations Director

Nick is the operations director and co-founder of Inovāt. Hardworking, soulful and irreplacable. He graduated in 2004 with a BS in network engineering. But Nick won’t take any B.S. He is our ambassador of efficiency and productivity and he doesn't mind cracking the whip to get our clients’ projects finished on time and on budget. Like a fairy godmother with muscles.

Some of Nick's ideas

Do it yourself.
If you don't know how, figure it out.

Life is like butter.
When things cool down it can be reshaped.

Let me tell you about raising boys.
Generally, they will miss the toilet.

Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chips cookies.
Is the main reason I have trust issues.