+ willpower.

The road to luxury.

A brand with as much power to attract as its power to drive.

Ferrari has been the car of dreams for more than 80 years. Elegance, customization and an engine unmatched in performance all add to the mystique of the brand’s legendary history. From its racing line to its road line to its concept cars, Ferrari is a powerful brand with an even more powerful draw.

The challenge of luxury.

A supercar like Ferrari attracts pleasure-seeking car enthusiasts the world over, and its website receives a staggering amount of traffic every day. But there’s a big difference between desire and ownership. We had to reach Ferrari’s idyllic audience and distinguish the fanboys from the ultra-affluent consumers.


Driving school

We started by asking the right questions. We conducted keyword research, examined competitor tactics and results, and uncovered the browsing behaviors of future Ferrari owners. This research gave us the road map for a well-tuned digital strategy. Using advanced tracking methods, we identified which visitors' behaviors reflected those of our ideal consumers. We targeted those visitors with ads (to the tune of more than half a million impressions a month) and when they visited other websites, we drove them right back to Ferrari.


Under the hood

Sometimes, seeing is believing. In order to convey a sense of luxury, consumers should be able to see and hold a tangible expression of Ferrari’s refined quality and customization. An exclusive list of potential consumers received personalized invitations to test drive a new type of Ferrari. These invitations were designed to match Ferrari’s legendary brand. To support these efforts, we designed ads and landing pages that not only matched the timeless beauty of Ferrari, but performed just as powerfully. Each aspect of the campaign was carefully considered and designed to be as effective as possible.


Start the engine

With campaign strategies in place, ads designed, and landing pages developed, it was time to shift gears. But before accelerating into the sunset, we revisited our original goals and asked what changed since we started and what we expected to refine in the coming months. We continually tracked and analyzed the performance of our initial creative and campaign strategies. Every tweak we made was directed toward our goal of reaching their elusive target audience – and getting them behind the wheel of a Ferrari.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Enzo Ferrari


We reduced Ferrari’s cost per lead by 90%.


Through constant optimizations, we reduced the cost to acquire a Ferrari owner by 59%.

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